On-Site Calibration

 In-situ Calibration Service At Your Facility: We Come To You

In-Situ calibration or known as on-site calibration or field calibration is often performed on equipment that is too large or fragile to be transported to our laboratory, or that cannot be taken out of service for a few days at a time. The field calibration technicians at Youth Vision Engineering & Services Sdn. Bhd.will provide weighing calibration, flow calibration, oven calibration, calibration of measuring tools and gauges and many more right at your facility. You can request our on-site calibration service at your convenience to meet your scheduling needs and minimize production downtime. Customers receive the same high level of quality and service from our field technicians that we provide in our environmentally-controlled lab.

All of our calibration experts are covered by workers compensation insurance. All vehicles and service personnel are fully insured for liability to perform on-site calibration service at your facility.

The In-Situ Calibration Process

Our field calibration team can also provide repairs and adjustments while calibrating your equipment.

Upon completion of our service at your facility, you will be provided with a Calibration Certificate listing all work performed for each item calibrated. If needed, we can provide a preliminary certificate before our technician leaves your facility, so you do not have to wait for the results.


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