Lab Calibration

Our calibration services ensure peak performance of a wide variety of instruments and equipment, including pressure, electrical, heat and temperature, sound, weighing, gas detection, surveying, bio-medical, and torque and force equipment.

We are able to provide calibration services both onsite or at our accredited facility, offering expert service and efficient turnaround to help minimise downtime.

Electrical & Instrumentation

Our technicians help ensure the proper installation and functioning of electrical and instrumentation systems in a wide range of industrial applications, including specialist instrumentation such as DCS and PLC control systems.

Our capabilities cover projects of all sizes in a range of areas, from food and beverage processing to oil and gas processing.

Project / Shutdown / Turnaround

The capabilities of our project management team extend from concept to completion across all our areas of expertise, from preventative maintenance to calibration services. We use our skills and resources to ensure your project is completed smoothly, safely, on time, and on budget.

Our asset maintenance services include installation, commissioning, calibration, maintenance, and electrical and instrumentation services in shutdown environments.

We can help ensure the reliable performance, availability and process recovery of your plant and equipment with an effective maintenance plan that fits your budget and the unique needs of your environment.

We can mobilise to remote locations to offer our technical services and solutions to clients across all areas of Australia. No matter where you are, we can ensure prompt and cost-effective delivery for your project across all areas of our expertise.